"The seed of creation is the centre of every human. It makes us aware that we are the centre of our universe, unconsciously connected with everything. The moment our desire connects us with something in the "outside world", we'll grow in our awareness and it deepens the connection with the unconditional Love. The more we practice, the more Love will grow in our personal universe. Than there will come a moment that the unconditional Love is the only source of action/ thinking and connecting. I'm sure of that. 

Art is a beautiful place to practice this."



Frouk Riemersma, visual artist and spiritual teacher, combines all her skills her Works of Art, her Education in which she invites people to develop themselves via art, and in her healingsessions.



Project 'The Golden Sun'

A strong and beautiful project about PEACE IN EUROPE ....
The ceremony of The Golden Sun travels through all 51 countries of Europe and invites people to develop connection and respect.
Do you want to join a ceremony?
Do you want to participate by donating some money, so the Golden Sun can travel?
Please visit www.thegoldensun.eu.
In this movie, you can watch the beautiful creation of The Golden Sun.



For many years already Frouk runs an Academy for Visual Art and Selfdevelopment, in the Netherlands, the VABK. Please visit www.vabk.nl.

The VABK offers an education in which people learn to create in connection. The sculpture is the expression of the inner self, and at the same time the mirror in which one meets his inner self. How to develop this proces? Your small will grows into an adult leading Will. So one learns to be responsible for all the creations in Life.

The VABK is slowly growing into a new shape: SAS, or the International School for Art and Selfdevelopment. The SAS offers a comparable training, but in another form. Instead of a weekly program, SAS offers 4 Blocks a year. Each Block will take 4 days. They will be given in the Netherlands but also abroad. The blocks can be followed separately.



Frouk Riemersma also give healing sessions, in which she shares her spiritual knowledge and experience on a high level.